Our Services

Fine Line Concrete is happy provide residential concrete finishing, concrete repairs and concrete preparation services in Kelowna and across the Okanagan Valley.  Whether your job is large or small, we take pride in the finished project.

Site Preparation

This step is often overlooked. Having the proper ground prep can increase the life of your new concrete. If your concrete is too thin, because of poor ground prep it can crack with a small amount of weight put on it. Too think, and the concrete can weigh too much and also cause cracking. If you were to use the wrong base materials, they can hold water, be hard to compact and cause a wide amount of settling. Or in the winter, cause frost heaving. This is why we use the right materials the first time. At Fine Line Concrete we have all the equipment needed to make sure your site is properly prepared so you get the longest possible life out of your concrete.

Concrete Forming

Concrete forming is what gives your concrete patio, pool deck or sidewalk its character to seamlessly blend into your surrounding landscape. Because every job is different, there is no one way to build the proper forms. At Fine Line Concrete we are continually setting the bar higher in forming processes to ensure the desired shape and look are achieved. Out forming processes are unlimited. We have had the opportunity to form complex shapes and curves to increase the aesthetics of any yard.

Concrete Placing and Finishing

Placing and finishing of your concrete is an important step. If your concrete is not placed and finished properly, it could result in rough concrete or pooling of water. None of which are ideal. At Fine Line Concrete, we understand the process of placing good quality materials to ensure the best possible finish. It is important that all employees of Fine Line Concrete have a vast knowledge of this technique.

Colored Concrete

Colored concrete can transform a driveway, pool deck or patio from plain to spectacular. This is often a low cost way to increase the look and value of your project. Fine Line Concrete has the right products, techniques, and tools to produce results that will transform your concrete into works of art, simply taking your design and adding a finishing touch. It is very difficult to decide which colors to use. At Fine Line Concrete we can help you with this process to help you achieve the right color and combination for your project. We have used many different colors throughout our scope of jobs, which makes It easier for you to decide, or physically see, a color we have installed.

Stamped Concrete

Exposed Aggregate Concrete